Egentlich schon auf facebook veröfentlicht, aber weils so schön ist, auch noch hier:

This is a Meme Geier brought to my attention. He already did it - see the amazing result:

So I could'nt resist but to try it, on my turn, with JFK and Aldo Moro.
1. Normal - well the usyal way I draw them.
2.Anime / manga. F*** I goddam hate that style! I mean, it's a style that never seems to vary any head forms, noses, mouths. How can you draw historcal characters that way? Challenge: Everyone who manages to draw JFK and Aldo in manga Style - in a way that they are *recognizable not only by their hair* will have me to draw anything he / she wants!
3. Chibi : The Upgrade of Awe and Horror. I couldn't do it. Seriously. Jack and Aldo will divorce from me and in Aldos case it might be an "italian divorce".
4. Simpsons. Well... Aldo looks like Mr. Burns.

5. Southpark: Didn't believe they would be that hard to draw.
6. Disney. Your average tacky style of them old 2D Films with their repeating range of exaggerated facial expressions.
7. Marvel. Probably would have required thicker Outlines. By the way; I thought they both would have more fun playing Villains than heroes. Hence I may I introduce Evil Shamrock-Jack and the creepy Lord Figtree!
8. Muppet / Puppet - Whatsoever. Really, I didn't know what to do here....

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